Meet the Mafia


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Maciela brings some Latin spice and a surprisingly hard edge. She is a level 4 personal trainer. Her brutal high intensity work-outs and relentless drive will leave you grasping for a glass of water. Hailing from Guatemala, she is a mother-of-two & discovered her passion for fitness whilst living in Los Angeles. She honed her skills at London's Barry’s Bootcamp & Kobox and has also studied cutting edge barre techniques. Her work has featured in Tatler and Women’s Health Magazine. Maciela prides herself on her fun, high-octane energy and the keen interest she takes in her clients. A bubbly 'people person' who studied psychology in Guatemala, so can act as a shoulder to cry on after pushing you past your physical limits.



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Like every young boys dream, Antoine wanted to become a professional footballer…and like every young boy, he could’ve made it if it wasn’t for his injuries. Figures. In return, he takes out his frustration on his clients with brutal but beneficial fitness classes that will leave you feeling energetic while laying in a pool of sweat questioning why you thought this was a good idea! Antoine has 11 years of experience and knowledge in the fitness industry; he’s undefeated in the boxing ring; and is one of London's most spoken about Personal Trainers. Very charming and cheeky with his delivery, he’s known for having his class attendee’s cursing throughout their workouts. But once the workout has been completed, there’s nothing but fulfilment and gratitude within.
 If you’re looking for a class filled with nothing but hardwork, dedication, vibrant music and 50 mins of Antoine laughing while you’re suffering during class, then sign up before someone else takes your spot!


 joe khan

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Joe's passion is helping people through knowledge, team work and motivation. He discovered this when he started working in the fitness industry at the young age of 16 as a swimming coach. Through working with people of all ages, abilities and disabilities, Joe was inspired to expand on his training knowledge base, which lead him into personal training and group fitness. After years of studying and courses, he has been elevating, inspiring and enabling clients to achieve their fitness and health goals through 1-2-1 sessions, online sessions and studio classes. This has catapulted Joe into becoming an elite trainer at one of London's top fitness studios; Kobox. In Joe's class he will keep your technique on point while being  your personal hype man. Joe is results driven and believes in the power of team work to produce any goals his clients aim to achieve.



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Ian started training at the age of 5 and hasn’t stopped since. He is a former fighter and stuntman, a qualified Boxing Coach and Personal Trainer and has completed a BSC Hons in Osteopathy.

Ian has fought competitively in Boxing, Muay Thai, MMA and Martial Arts. He has trained and trained with individuals from all experience levels from beginners through to Olympians and World Champions in some of the best gyms around the world.

Ian combines his training knowledge from the many different disciplines and training methods he has done throughout the years and brings them to his classes.



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If you want a bit of banter & brutality brought to your workouts, Lou is your girl. 
Bringing that Geordie edge, she takes no sh**, so don’t be fooled by that cheeky smile & Northern charm. 
Fitness has been a passion from day 1, leading her to become a level 3 Personal Trainer.
Gaining her skills at top end boutique gyms like Kobox. 
She is a tall, lean fighting fit machine. 
She always has fun with her training but knows how to work you hard in the process & prides herself in making her clients a top priority. 
And if you catch her on her lower body day, she’ll get your glutes looking perky as a peach!